How I became a jeweller by fluke!

Allow me to give a short and bizarre story about my start into my jewellery career..

I started out as an art school dropout, but found out about a DEP program in jewellery-making from a roommate who was in the class but hated it. I looked at his projects and said to myself "Hey! I can do that!" 2 years later in 1998 I finished my classes and started working for a wholesale production shop for Hanoush Jewellers for 2 years, then a variety of jewellery repair shops, apprenticed as a wax modelest, then 6 years as the technician and assistant manager of a jewellery store. All the while I was building up my workshop and inventory with a variety of my creations as well as some vintage 40's and 50's designs from Bijoutrie Thibadault who closed in 1998. I was also doing 2 shows a year to get me into practice and test my market.

In 2010 I got fed up of being paid 11.50$/hour as a trades persons and decided to start working for myself. Lucky for me I had 12 years to build up my workshop enough that I could do everything but the casting from my home based workshop and have some starting inventory! With the help of my husband Steven, I started to sell at more shows, and even opened my Etsy shop!

My passion for creating jewellery, along with having worked 6 days a week in a jewellery store for 6 years, gave me the drive and the energy to do this. I just love it! I am also a member of the Montreal Gem & Mineral club where I offer my time to help others to learn how to create their own pretties with their own stones.

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