A portfolio of custom creations for customers over the years, show photos, and others!

A custom FMA pendant I created for a fellow fan in wax and will be cast into silver!

silver sea shell pendants

14k gold and faceted fire opal custom made for a friend

polar bear claw pendant caped in silver

custom pallasite pendant in sterling silver

Dino tooth pendant

custom creation of a logo for a friend that her dad designed for her before passing

Wax carving for a gold signet ring with a sardonyx cameo

A custom created peacock feather engagement ring with a demantoid garnet

Wedding rings I made in silver. One was an ankh ring with a sapphire, the other with a tanzanite.

Custom fox signet ring I carved for a LARPer. He's also the same person I made the fox wedding rings for!

A feather I carved in wax that was used to make an engagement ring. She loved it!

Straw Hat jolly roger carved in green wax. Yeah, I'm a fan...

If you ever wondered what sterling silver looks like when it's cat, here you go!

Custom viking pendant made for a customer returning from overseas.

Carved seal head ring I was creating for a special order.

Legal imprint