Well here it is! First blog post, and I hope there will be more!

So been on etsy as long as I have been working for myself, which has been since 2010. And There are good ponts and bad points. Often many of my fellow Etsy sellers and I have compare notes and noticed we have alot in common. So figured I'd write down a few of them so as buyers you can hear what we so want you to know and not in a mean way!

  1. Many Etsy sellers are doing this as a sideline, or sell on Etsy and at shows. So sometimes it may take a bit of time to get your stuff ready to ship. Check the processing time for items, or check out a shops's FAQ section. It can save you from having to message a seller needlessly.
  2. If you have a deadline you need something by a certain date, check processing & shipping times. Example; I was out of town for 2 weeks doing Saskatoon and Edmonton Comic Expos last September. I extended the processing time for my stuff to 2 to 3 weeks just in case I needed to do a specific sizing and I didn't have it on hand. I still mailed out stuff while I was out of town, but it was just in case I sold something and had to remake it when I got back. 
  3. Shipping takes time! Most of my Etsy customers are outside of Canada, and as such all parcels are scaned before they leave the country by Canada Post. Same for items going into another country. Some countries can even hold it for processing for a few weeks. So I try to put a reasonable quote for shipping time for items. I had a ring held up at German customs for a month because they couldn't decide the value of the ring! I can't do anything about it, so my only advice to folks is be patient. It will get there!
  4. Customs varies by country, as does the exchange. Check with yours to see what the rules are, as well as the exchange. All my prices are quoted in canadian(makes my bookkeeper very happy!) So no, I really don't know what it comes out to in other currencies.
  5. Shipping upgrades are depends on each country, which is listed. Sadly the rate for USA tracked paket is not the same as for the UK. So check the upgrade before ordering.
  6. If you message a seller, give them time to write back. 24 hours is reasonable, as not everyone lives beside their phone or always online. Don't send 4 messages back to back in 15 minutes expecting an automatic reply back and get all in a huff over it! We're human too, and need to do other things, like make more pretties! Some of us have kids, jobs, doctors appointments, etc.

More to come later!